Monday, 5 November 2018

Google Nexus Wifi saved. But not connecting to Hidden SSID.

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I have number of Wi-Fi Connections saved on my Mobile(Including hidden and Open SSID) but recently i noticed a peculiar issue with my Google Nexus Mobile not connecting to Hidden SSID rather Wi-Fi profiles goes to saved mode. From there on i don't see much option to connect back to SSID, To connect to hidden SSID again i need to forget and reconfigure the Wi-Fi profile.

I tried updating the device to latest updates available, resetting network settings even tried factory reset but no luck still same issue. Every time I reconfigure the profile i was able to connect the hidden SSID but when I move out of coverage area and come back again or if i try to edit the Wi-Fi profile proxy settings manually then turn off/turn on Wi-Fi profile goes saved mode.

By replicating the same scenario, I did packet capture to see what is happening in back end. From the packet capture came to know that every time profile goes to saved mode the devices not sending any probe request to AP hence the connection process is not happening. As this issue is specific to Hidden SSID and not to open SSID, Seems like the Nexus mobiles not saving hidden SSID Wi-Fi Profiles.

From the above capture you can see once i turn off the Wi-Fi the mobile gets de-authenticated  from AP and when i turn on the Wi-Fi the profiles goes Saved mode and there is no probe request being sent from mobile to AP.

If anyone know the workaround to automate the connection requests from Saved Wi-Fi Profiles, Kindly revert me on this post.

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  1. You'll find the answer in following link!msg/phone-by-google/TAaxC5VPL8A/_uCMCvgZAgAJ