Sunday, 14 October 2018

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I'm  new to blogging, When i was working on my first post I was repeatedly prompted with the following error.

" An error occurred while trying to save or publish your post. Please try again. Dismiss" , Initially i was not getting this error but when I'm about to complete my very long post  I  get this error repeatedly and it never goes. Even I was not allowed to save my document, When i try to save my document and exit i used to get a POP-UP saying you've unsaved data and if i click on OK to proceed i lost all my document. I Was really frustrated and wondering on the cause of this issue and i never came up with a proper solution. Anyhow i tried to figure it out the issue and some of my trouble shootings are given below

1.Internet and Cache - Initially i tried clearing the browser cache and verified the Internet connectivity. I tried to edit the document and again at same page i got the error again.

2. Text Formatting - The another suspect was Text Formatting, Since I've my document ready with MS Word and I did copied all the contents from word. I tried  again by reformatting the text but no luck still the same error.
3. Copying Images - I Copied all my documents related images directly from MS WORD most of the blogs gave suggestions to save the images and the import them. I Imported all my i mages using the import option but no luck still same error.

Finally I Isolated the problem by deleting some data and saving it, By doing this at certain point the error goes off. To replicate the issue i started typing a some 50 characters but this time i get into the same error but when i delete the 50 characters the error goes off. After struggling more that a day with this error i came to conclusion that when the blog data exceeds certain size, we will not be able to either save or preview the blog.

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